I have never walked along the cutting edge neither have I ever been at the forefront of technical innovation because by nature my thinking is very considered. That is not to say I’m afraid to take a chance but I am just not one of life’s fearless warriors who will lead the charge no matter the consequence. I like to sit back, observe the state of play and move to the beat of my own off beat melody.

No matter how fast paced the media would like me to believe the world has become, I will still take steps at a stride that are comfortable to me and I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes that can be a problem…

If the majority drink at Starbucks, I’m looking for an independent coffee house because I tend not to jump on board with anything that I feel is too mainstream (whatever that actually means?) which is why it took me a while to actually listen to Justin Beiber’s last album and just recently catch up with all the amazing seasons of AMC’s The Walking Dead.

I have come to the realisation that some of my opinions are like James Cameron’s proposed Avatar sequels; my ideas are still in constant development and subject to change. There are times in order to develop a full understanding of something it does help to experience it, therefore I would like to sip from the cup of humility and take this opportunity to offer a formal apology to the visual kaleidoscope of….


I have always had a love for all things creative no matter the outlet of communication, whether it be writing, singing, drawing, painting, acting, dancing, cooking or photography because I love being exposed to human interpretation and expression. It is the one thing that gives me safe passage to access and feel my emotions through a transcendent connection.

This past year I have been fortunate enough to travel to Berlin, New York, Catania and Ontario and while on these adventures I wanted to find an avenue to share some of those moments with a specific focus on my ever evolving photographic sensibilities. So I thought I’d finally give Instagram a chance, an app I had rejected in the past on the assumption that it was just another vehicle for celebrity self promotion…and make no mistake…it is!

Although to be fair, it is a little more than that, for me, Instagram works because of it’s ease of use and simplicity. It is the Disneyland resort of social media because you have instant access to a unique, clean, enhanced, filtered version of the human experience…and I love it!

But you read the opening paragraph right??

Despite Selena Gomez’s dominance of this social media phenomenon, Instagram has yet to fully seduce my weary instincts nor my innate cautionary nature. I still have slight reservations regarding the overall social impact of this incredible, polychromatic, filtered universe. I would hate to think that anyone really believes that a “duckface” or “fish gape” can take the place of a genuine smile?

While traditional photographers might find it harder to make a living and more impressionable Instagram users may develop feelings of isolation, envy or depression. Instagram isn’t actually doing anything that magazine covers, Hollywood movies or music videos haven’t done before; as most mass/social media is designed, to provide escapism and sell the unattainable dream of enhanced perfection. The real problems occur when it becomes difficult to decipher a commercial media reality from a real one…

On that note please feel free to glance at the filtered snap shots of my reality, Instagram has taught me that my social media platform of preference will always lie in the arms of blogging and after a brief hiatus it is good to be back.

Until next time.