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"An interesting take on the taste of life."


I’ve always thought “About me” sections can sometimes feel a little contrived…I mean…it’s not like we are going out on a first date. Do I really need to try and make a strong bite sized first impression?

I wish I had an inspirational origin story that lead me to writing this blog…

But it was the emancipation of my frustration that started this process, that has developed into a love of casual blogging.

I am grateful to have an opportunity to explore themes and experiences that most people, simply don’t address during polite lunchtime conversation.

I live in the diverse, amazing, exciting world of over priced, over crowded South London…I love comic books, film, animation and great conversation.

But if you want to know a more about me than this bit size impression, reading this blog is a good way to start.

However you can contact me via



or via e-mail:

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      1. I agree completely!! I’m still trying to find a writing style that’s most comfortable for me. So far, I like the style of writing like I’m speaking to a friend.

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