So let’s start with a definition:


  1. desire to have a quality, possession, or other desirable thing belonging to (someone else).
  2. to regard (a person or thing) with envy: She envies you for your success. I envy your writing ability.

Let’s just clear the air…

I think I am suffering from a little known condition called bloggers envy and I am not going to seek out or find a cure for my symptoms therefore I’ll embrace the cause of this condition in the hope that it will help me move forward.

I read a lot of remarkable blogs by unique individuals who share various insights that somehow expand my knowledge on humanity, but more importantly, I’m exposed to a far broader depth of experience and understanding than I originally anticipated when I decided to lace up my writers gloves and enter the ring of blogging.

Sometimes I get a little envious regarding the design and layout of another bloggers page. There are some beautifully titled blogs with supporting complimentary imagery, design, font and colour that enhances the content of the writing and gives the page itself its own personality! Panic sets in as I marvel in despair at fellow bloggers consistent quality and output!

It’s incredible!

“Don’t these people have jobs!!” my bruised ego yells at the top of its lungs, only to find out that these people do have full time jobs and some manage families, navigate relationships, are in full time education, engage in sports activities and in some cases manage ongoing medical conditions…

But I’m not done yet!

You have an assorted range of writing styles and while I am still trying to develop the sound this blog; I read so many beautifully written pieces I actually “feel” the intent of the writer, especially in the cult, sub-genre of the Open Letter. I guarantee if I read one of those I can expect to access a far broader range of emotions than Pixar’s latest offering Inside Out would have us believe.

But despite the opening definition my envy isn’t a negative and all-encompassing darkness, it inspires me to do something that I feel everyone should do regardless of whether they actually write a blog or not and that is to…

Find your own voice.

So I will continue to dwell in the awe and envy that I feel within this community of voices and know that the only antidote to my bloggers envy is to persist and swim in the depth of human experience that only this type of unique forum can provide.

Until next time!