I would personally like to that Lady CAS for nominating me for the Encouraging Thunder award. I have been secretly longing to be nominated for this type of award but just like Taylor Lautner’s movie career, I never thought it would happen.

I don’t think that Lady CAS was fully aware that when she made the nomination, I was going through a very difficult transitional period in my life (more on that in a future post) and unfortunately my blog took an unintentional hit.

This nomination helped me to bounce back, because it’s a deeply gratifying feeling to know that people take time out of their days to read any of my dysfunctional musings, let alone nominate me for them! That being said Lady CAS if you are out there reading this, news of this nomination has touched me in more ways than any words on this blog can express…and I thank you for it.

So with unofficial introductions out of the way, I suppose it would only be polite to let you know why I choose to enter the arena of blogging in the first place? You might be surprised to know that the writing process does not flow as naturally to me as you might think?

We are all individual, however I have never particularly felt the need to conform to any type of label that society cares to place on me, although I didn’t anticipate just how deeply I would fall in love with the words, intentions, thoughts and experiences of other bloggers. Time is a precious commodity within my existence and the reason for my delays in posting are due to the backlog of posts I read from others on a regular basis.

That being said I would now like to put forward my nominations for this award, however I have intentionally chosen bloggers who have a smaller to mid range following, so in no particular order;

Unravelling the Beauty of Space Any blog that can bring me and my children together deserves a mention. This blog is filled with phenomenal facts about our world and universe that not only gives me perspective but more importantly gives me back my childlike sense of wonder.

The Happy Healthy KiwiDid you know that Cheesy Chickpea Balls existed? Well I didn’t until I read the healthy mouth-watering recipes contained within this blog, not only that but The Happy Healthy Kiwi is not afraid to allow us into the highs and lows of her life experiences. Inspirational.

sincerely, kaytee – Is exactly that! The posts feel very sincere, with posts that include Music Mondays and various other posts designed to inspire and motivate. I don’t just read the words but feel the intent of sincerely, kaytee’s writing.

Never A Dull Bling – As a fellow runner, I appreciate the joy, pain and sacrifice that Never A Dull Bling puts herself through. There was a time when I wanted to skip a run but after reading a post it inspired me to get up, put on my running shoes and get moving; her progress, struggle and achievements let me to know that I am not alone!

Brighton Bipolar – I love the vulnerability and access to an alternate reality I am given when I read Brighton Bipolar’s words. It is beautifully written about personal subject matter, with a light dusting of humour that quite simply broadens my understanding of the human experience.

Choosing my “top five” blogs is like choosing my top five Whitney Houston songs, it’s an impossible task that really can’t be done. I follow over 30 WordPress blogs, some of whom have already been nominated for this award, but I have to adhere to the rules of this game.

Until next time.