I don’t know what you believe in, but I’m going to suggest that for the start of 2016 you get down on your knees and bow down to the illogical nature of human emotions. You could even argue that our very species would not have survived without a primitive drive to connect with other humans.

I was just thinking that if my great great great great grandmother had decided to reject the advances of my great great great great grandfather, there is every chance you would not be reading this. More importantly if your great, great, great, great grand parents (from your mothers or fathers side) decided to stay home on the evening they went out or thought it better to go out on a Wednesday instead of a Thursday you may not be the unique individual wonder that is you.

So let’s get some of the biology out of the way first, depending on the source it’s estimated that a man can produce anywhere between 40 – 500 million sperm and of that only about 200 of those little rascals stand the best chance of fertilizing with an unassuming egg, but almost like the music charts, while the top 200 fight for pole position only one can claim the top spot.

The battle ain’t quite over then either because even though the sperm has found the perfect host in the egg, the nine month development process isn’t always guaranteed, but if all goes smoothly then a wailing distressed human will emerge annoyed that they had to leave the comfort of the womb in the first place.

But think about this for a second…you’re not one in a million but you are (based on average estimates) one in 100 million, which means the fact that you made it into this existence makes you pretty special! All it takes is just one random variable to change and you wouldn’t be you. It strikes me as pretty impressive that a random series of events collide to create perfect moments.

There are circumstances and decisions that my great great great great ancestors took and while making these split second impulsive or considered decisions had no idea that over 100 years later I would be writing a post about people I will never know, but owe my very existence to choices they made no matter how illogical or intentional.

I am not naïve by any measure that can be quantified, therefore I know not all past human connections were filled with rainbow coloured wonder. It’s very possible not every past physical union was necessarily a consensual one but that still doesn’t change the fact that we are all powered by batteries of illogical feelings.

On paper it makes no logical sense for a young 18 year old woman to give birth to a child who wouldn’t truly get to know his father. It makes even less sense for a young 21 year old man to conceive a child he never intended to support, but no matter how illogical these choices may seem on the surface, these past decisions allow me to experience the ultimate gift…


During my existence, thus far I have been involved in the process of bringing forth two human individuals into this crazy world so that the dance of destiny, coincidence and chance may continue.

This isn’t the part where I ask you to live life to the fullest, pay it forward, complete your bucket list or set inspirational New Year resolutions all I humbly ask is that you let go of past mistakes you cannot change and experience the small joys where you can because you really are one in over a million.

See you in 2016!

Until next time.

“It’s enough for me to be sure that you and I exist at this moment.”

Gabriel Garcia Marquez