Recently I tasted one of the greatest egg sandwiches ever made…

What made it amazing was not using premium organic free range eggs over the basic range or the use of salt and black pepper. It wasn’t down to the presentation or colour co-ordinating the plate with the accompanying napkin…what made that egg sandwich great was…


But before I move forward let me first take a step back; I first came to understand this concept through my mother, however my mother was already a naturally good cook, so the taste of any food she prepared was  going to be great.

It was one of my children that really helped me to explore this concept when he arrived home from school with self made cupcakes for Father’s Day. I must honestly confess I was initially hesitant; as the idea of unwashed pre-school hands creating cupcake mix was not an appealing one.


I remember that day he came home from school and had a magical look in his eyes; without words I could almost feel the swelling pride my son felt knowing that he had created food for his father to consume. The magic ingredient was not the refined flour, vanilla essence, sugar or butter but the fact that my son put time, effort and love into his cupcake production which somehow made a standard cupcake taste immeasurably magical…


Because I tasted the love.

A great meal is more than just food it is a form of self expression. If Jackson Pollock can get credit for expressing himself through a series of paint splatters, then I see no reason why my son should not get equal credit for trying to express love for his father through a cupcake.

The problem is that mainstream Hollywood film has influenced the conversation of love for far too long; we associate love with grand sweeping gestures whilst playing an imaginary James Horner soundtrack in our minds. Princes on horses, diamond rings, swelling tears of joy or dangerously standing on a railing at the front of the upper deck of the Titanic.

Great moments of love can come in smaller more intimate packages of expression; the glow of a smile, a compassionate hug, warm conversation or a subtle touch of the hand….

Which brings me back to my amazing egg sandwich; when I took a bite into this egg sandwich I felt and tasted the love pouring out of it and that was the magic ingredient! It can’t be bought from your local supermarket or delivered straight to your door. You can’t purchase, quantify or measure the love that someone puts into creating a meal for you.

Until next time.