I just don’t think people fully appreciate the phoenix effect of a shower. “What’s the phoenix effect!?” I hear you cry (and even if you don’t just indulge me for a moment) It’s that brief instant in time where you feel totally refreshed and for the tiniest moment all your problems simply don’t exist.

For me that generally tends to happen just when the hot and cold water stop battling for supremacy and begin to complement one another (I don’t have the most modern shower system so sometimes that takes a while)

When the temperature is just right and that glorious, glorious agua not only helps you to wash that man right outta your hair, but the filth and sweat. You come home after a long day of accumulating all of daily life’s grime and momentarily that water washes away the blues, your sins and the melancholy in your life. For an immeasurable minute you can be consciously vacant.

You could argue that a bath is a much more seductive and cleansing experience, but the bath is a different type of beast. A bath is designed for contemplation in mind, you’re supposed to lay back in those waters and think about the day or life events. The shower doesn’t want to engulf or seduce you entirely; it wants to hit you with a burst of flavour, but throw you out if you get too comfortable.

Part of the reason I took longer creating a newer post than usual, is because I spend much of my time reading the blogs of others; I don’t just read the latest offerings but where possible I go back and immerse myself in the alternate reality that was created for me to explore. I happen across many blogs about the negative effects of personal relationships, anxiety and depression which in turn has opened my mind’s eye to an ever evolving understanding of the human experience.

But no matter what you are going through a good shower will clear your mind and wash away those troubles. It might be the initial thrill of anticipation as the water teases your skin or it could be when you grab the shower gel and start to lather up. Nevertheless once you step out of the shower the renewable feeling is undeniable and I guarantee you will feel like a phoenix who has risen up from the ashes or alternatively a person who has just stepped out of the shower.

Until next time!

“I shower in the dark, barely able to tell soap from conditioner, and tell myself that I will emerge new and strong, that the water will heal me.”

― Veronica Roth, Insurgent