I’ll admit to being both surprised and touched when I received an e-mail from a post I wrote a while back entitled “The Power Of The Playlist”


In that blog entry I detail the importance music can play when trying to create a warm atmosphere that allows intimacy and seduction to breathe. I made the intuitive assumption that most people sow the seeds of romantic feeling having already been around the object of their affection, and a good musical playlist would help those feelings of affection nurture and grow…but for this episode I present you with the other side of the coin.

Just like the opening line of the Lego movie theme song in the beginning of a relationship everything is awesome!! That’s the way it should be, but inevitably most relationships hit a wall at some point where one or both participants begin to wonder if it is better to stay or part ways.

In the early stages of any kinship it almost doesn’t matter what the lyrics of a song are because it’s about creating the mood or a feeling of intent; but when things are strained and emotions are a little tender, you want to feel the lyrics of a song. You may think that no one can understand your individual brand of pain, but there is comfort in knowing that someone has walked along a similar path.

That being said I present you with an unintentional sequel, a list of five songs that deal with the complexities of a relationship and associated feelings. Please note I didn’t say “top five” but these songs are delivered with a soul, sensitivity and relatability so pure of heart, you almost feel the artists are in the same room with you.

Once again I must state that this is not an exact science, there are no rules to apply here. Anyone can use Google and search for  top 20 make up/break up songs, but I have compiled this list because these songs mean something to me and I hope by listening to them they offer you something as well.

Despite the status’ you read or the joyful filtered photographs you view on social media, not everyone is out socialising and having a great time. I can almost guarantee that most relationships go through moments that will make or break it’s character. I hope you listen to these songs, swim in your despair for a while, but know that you will come out of those murky waters and make it back onto solid ground.

Never forget…

There is power in that playlist.

  • Billie Holiday – I’m A Fool To Want You
  • Amy Winehouse – Back To Black
  • Emelie Sande – Maybe
  • John Legend – Ordinary People
  • Patti LaBelle & Michael McDonald – On My Own

Until next time.